F l o r a b u d D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's been a while

Hello old bean,
Where were you?
I waited with a smile,
Waited quite a while...
Didn't think you'd show up
Did I say something wrong?
So what's been happening?
Tell me your tale.

My head is ringing
Heart is singing
Feet are tapping
Body wrapping itself around you
As if it were yesterday
Time to play
Things to say
Don't give up on me.

Can we step back to where we were
Start as if there were no break
No silences between the lines
Where thoughts became words spoken

Can we remember who we are
Learn again our favourite laugh
Take in that special breath
That makes us smile again

There, I think we did it
It was easy enough
Like being a machine,
Hello, old bean!