F l o r a b u d D

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wedding Wonder

It's late.
I've bathed. It feels wonderful
A lot has happened today.
My heart feels so loved.
My feet throb with clean.
Racing mind slowing down.
Ian and Chris sound like they're
Building an extension downstairs.
I'm sure Mum will sleep through
Probably shout in her sleep at them too
Birthday Girl!
Still gutted about my nail experience
Wonder what I'll do.
Hard to let go when you're looking
At them constantly.
I'll close my eyes now
And sleep.
Three more to go.
Mrs (Cuddly)Burrow!



Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Moment

Where did it all go?
That lust for life?
The inspiration that always
Flowed seems to have
Run dry.
Now I look and the page
Is blank
Nothing jumps out at me.
You take over and the
Sounds disappear in my head
The tap's been left on
My feet are drowning
I know it's my insecurities
Enveloping my creativity,
You try to make me smile
Stop me from looking down
Flush the water away.


Disgusting tie 19 June 07

Boring people on the boring train
I'm boring a hole into your boring brain
Listening to the same conversation again
The train's delayed because of the rain

My lover has more love for me than
All the raindrops in the clouds
His every minute is interesting
The things he does make me so proud

He'd never wear a tie like yours
He'd never give me filthy looks
He'd never sit there looking bored
Pretending to read his boring books

He'll always have a smile for me
A special look, a tender touch
He'll always make me laugh out loud you see
I love him so completely much.